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Chris D

Get rid of the Attributes Palette.............Altogether



In the style of Petri: The case for the Prosecution:

The Attributes Palette is an annoying little floating palette, that for no logical reason, separates certain attributes of an object away from it's other properties.

All object properties are amended in the Object Info palette, apart from line and fill.

This causes great annoyance in having to dart from top-right to bottom-left of the screen when changing properties such as class and fill.

Further, it is alleged that this does contribute to sloppy practice in users deviating from Class Style too often by setting manual fill colors when they would be better advised to create an appropriate class for their needs.

I propose, your honour, that attributes are reunited with the other properties, and added to the Object Info palette.

Documents presented to the court:

Badly Photoshopped (actually Gimpshopped) Palette Proposal


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I'm the Devil incarnate apparently.

Cheer up, Chris. You're not the devil. You're a nice guy, as anyone can see. You're trying to create order out of chaos, a noble pursuit. But some of us have discovered a different kind of order, which depends heavily on the little tiny Attributes palette.

For me, the thing you do with class thickness is handled by the default thicknesses on the Attributes palette. I use only those thicknesses, so if I have to adjust line weights later I know I can custom select one or more of them and change it (and change the default also). It doesn't happen very often. Assigning thickness happens constantly all day long, so that's the action that needs to be streamlined.

If there were lineweight archetypes (where you assign a number 1 through 5 to each object instead of an actual thickness, and you can change the thickness associated with each archetype any time you want), I would use that. But I hate mixing thickness with the other uses of classes, and having 5 times as many classes so that the full range of thicknesses is available in all classes, and pulling down that huge list of classes every time I want to assign thickness, and having to read through all the class names as I do it. It's slow and clunky, and distracting.

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One advantage of having the palettes separate is that when multiple objects of different types are selected, you may still apply lineweight / fill information to all the objects, while the OIP will only display 'multiple selected'. The OIP will need greater reformation to display all properties and attributes common to the selection before enacting this change. This, I think, will be a beneficial side effect, and worth doing in the future.

The OIP already displays expandable 'pages' with certain objects - perhaps this can be used to reduce the size and apparant complexity of the OIP for concerned users.

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