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2008/13 Rendering Crashing

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Good morning!

I'm having difficulty with VW2008 crashing when rendering on one of my machines. VW simply ceases to exist. No lock-up of the screen content. No shut-down process. No error messages.

The problem seems to be Workspace-related. W. any of the "stock" Workspaces, all seems to work OK. W. a Workspace imported from VW12...crash. W. a Workspace created from scratch (w. only a couple of menu items)...crash. W. a modified "stock" Workspace...crash. W. a Workspace created on my other machine...crash (though all works as it should on that machine).

This is all w. a simple, single extrusion of a rectangle as a test object.

My O.S. is Windows XP Pro.

The machine in question is a Dell Inspiron 8600 w. 1 GB of RAM.

Any ideas?

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