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uninstall VW2008?


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I installed VW 2008 on a macbook with LEOPARD and now VW does NOT open, it says " xml library failed to open, please reinstall again" i already tried reintalling it 2 times and it still gives me the same error.

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I have same problem as RKD so hope we can get a script from tech support that will remove VW2008 from my Mac running Leopard. I have even had tech support lead me through deleting several preference files but there must have been one or two missed. We need a script that can thoroughly remove VW2008 so we can re-install.

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Did you delete the Home/Library/Application Support/VectorWorks/2008 folder, too?

My installer didn't install the "attach bulbflat handrail". Could the installer have missed other files in your case? Have you tried placing the file "XML Library.vwlibrary" manually into the plug-ins folder, maybe copying from another computer?

Or, if the file is there, do you have read/write access? In VW 11 and VW 12 we often had to give all users full read write access to the VW app folder to get VW to run properly:

Select the VW app folder, Get info, set full read write access in the permissions. Don't forget to "apply to enclosed items" under the cogwheel.

Have fun,


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(Mac Version VW2008)

I have completely deleted everything I can find on VW and Nemetschek in preferences, applicaiton support and applications. I re-installed from the CD VW2008 and then installed SP2 and Plants database update. When I go to start up VW I still get the 'could not load xmllibrary'. I am at a complete loss. Will have to wait till tech support comes on MOnday I guess. this is totally wrong not having a repeated process for uninstalling VW and the installer not working. This is very frustrating!!!

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