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callout tool not working

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I'm not having problems defining the shoulder length both from the preferences before creating the callout, or after in the OIP. Likewise, the mode to draw the shoulder a specifiable distance works well.

To add a "no marker", click on the marker drop down and choose Edit Marker List. Create a New marker style, setting the angle & length to 0.

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If you are referring to the width segement the text sits on, you can change this either in the Preference button before the callout is places, or via the OIP after the callout is placed.

If you have a width of 2", for example, and your text is only 1" in length, the text itself is going to remain at 1", but the width field should report as 2"

I can't duplicate a situation where adjust the text width before or after is not working.

Have you tried in a new, blank document?

If it's file specific, please send the file.

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