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It does not print

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I understand you've tried all the settings, but have you tried them together, or singularly?

I'd like you to try printing ONLY using Print Patterns at On Screen Resolution.

Can you print the image on a regular design layer?

I'll also agree with Robert here - make sure you have the latest version of QuickTime.

You may also want to try to remove and add the printer back. You can also try the "repair printer" setting in the Printer interface.

If you have an urgent issue, the best option is to contact Tech Support and work through the issue with them.

I, personally, have been traveling a great deal over the past month (and will continue to do so for the next) with VectorFest and related events and trade shows. I have not been as available to respond to issues posted here as I normally would. Please allow time for me to post (if that's your request). Otherwise, please contact Tech Support.

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