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Percentage of architects using Macs?

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the nbs perspective looks like a flat-out ripoff

or port of Arup's 'columbus' file management system!

they used to give it away free, i use the

2.4 version from 2002, but now the free version

only works on a local computer, which 'defeats'

the cleverness of it...

but even if you have to pay for it now i highly

recommend it! it allows you flexibility to make

up your own job filing system template

+ then automates future

projects being added to the system using

templates... windows only....

and when i asked in about 2002-2003 they

were not going to support a VW viewer...


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it's worth registering your interest for this product too


Do you think? Hardly looks worthwhile to me...and like you say, they won't support VW very well, if at all.

Much more interested in the collaborative features in Leopard Server - we're gonna try out project Wikis as a sort of electronic daybook - meeting notes, to-do lists etc, live from meetings (as long as your site cabin has Wi-Fi..). The iCal stuff looks good too - no more double booked meeting rooms (and you can book it from the site cabin too....). It already supports web hosting, so we're also aiming to try and set up project extranets to load drawings onto.

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Yes, I have to say I've been waiting a long time for Apple to produce wiki software. I've been using Wikimedia at work but it's just unreasonable to get everyone to learn wiki markup when it could be wysiwyg. In fact I had a big discussion with Wikimedia developers about it once and they said it couldn't be done. Pointed them to Apple's and they all went quiet.

In any case I just think it's foolish of the NBS to be developing Windows-only software. They actually lose out on a lot of revenue from us because of this.

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I got it wrong. It was Promap that was making noises about Mac compatibility.

NBS just phoned me too. They said there are no plans for Mac compatibility. Also confirmed the catch 22 situation of native speed virtualisation available to Macs now (in the form of Parallels, etc.); said they were even less concerned about Mac compatibility now that people were starting to use their software via Parallels, etc.

Sounds to me nothing will happen unless there's some kind of shake up in the IT department or their board. Or maybe increasing Mac market share will eventually make their position untenable.

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