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Import dwg

Peter Wing?rdh


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I just responded to your email.

In short, the 2007 version is not supported by VW 12.

VW 2008 does support this file format, so upgrading is one option.

The other option is to ask your associate to save the drawing as a 2006 version and send it to you for importing.

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what has happened to vectorworks. it seems ridiculous to have a program on the market that simply cannot communicate to the rest of the world. i am still using vw12.0 because of the many problems & bugs w/ 12.5. i need a stable program that can communicate with the rest of the world out there. i am having the same problem as peter. saying "in short the 2007 version is not supported by vw12" is ignoring a problem with your software. everyone using a mac and your software end up looking like idiots. we are trying to do business out here. why don't you fix the program and bugs prior to release so we do not run into these issues.

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Archy, I don't know who has told you that there are many problems and bugs with VW 12.5 because it simply isn't true. VW 12.5 is very stable and very bug free, not to mention very good.

VW 12 doesn't export to Autocad 2007 format because VW 12 came out in 2005, which is before the Autocad 2007 format existed in the public realm. VW 12.5 came out in 2006, around the same time that the Autocad 2007 format became public. There is a time lag between the release of a new Autocad file format and the DWG translators becoming available from the Open Design Alliance ( http://opendesign.com/ ). Autodesk doesn't help them provide the translation capability, and hence the delay in the DWG capabilities appearing in VW (and other CAD progras as well).

VW 2008 does have the capability to import and Export Autocad 2007 and Autocad 2008 format files. If you absolutely have to have Autocad 2007 import and export capability then you need to upgrade (the windfall of doing this is the benefits you would get from the many improvements in VW 2008). If you don't want to upgrade then use the Autocad 2006 format for both your import and exports.

If you choose to stay with VW 12 then upgrade to the latest release (VW 12.5.3). There is absolutely no reason to not do so, and in fact some very good reasons to do it. Like with every .5 release before it NNA included a swag of improvements. All of these you get for free. All you have to do is download and install the updates.

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An error number 8 means the file is an unsupported file version - i.e. DWG 2007 or 2008.

It sounds like they may have saved the file in a newer version of AutoCAD and then sent you the newly saved file.

Ask them to save it to a version 2006 file and resend it to you. You'll then be able to import the file.

A list of error code descriptions can be found here:

DXF/DWG Error Codes

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