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Tables and Chair PIO



Nice tool - but?

In developing seating layouts for Restaurants, hotel banquest rooms, church halls, event venues, etc. The Tables & Chairs PIO makes short work of creating layouts but?

?> The count of tables and chairs has to be done by hand and not spreadsheet/worksheet.

Why? Because the PIO stores the numer of chairs as TEXT not as a number. So in a Worksheet, =(('Tables and Chairs'.'Side chairs')) for a table with 6 chairs results in a column displaying the text representation of the chair count but that cannot be added to get the total number of chairs required for the room.

Solution: Store the chair count as a number in the PIO taht is recognized as anumber in the Worksheet formulas. Ditto tables, etc.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


I usually make a separate table and a separate chair symbol, then place them inside of another symbol to get the standard table and chair configuration.

This allows me to place random chairs and tables and still have an accurate count in the worksheet.

It also lets me use the custom tables and chairs I need for rendering.

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Another useless PIO...

This is because NNA believes that users cannot type the number of chairs they want, so a pop-up list is used and this interface device only does text.

Changing the field type to number does not help as the script of the PIO expects text. (Tested already years ago.)

Well, one can always export data to Excel or Numbers.

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