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.Assigning Records to symbols to get an accurate report help

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Posting in both here and spotlight forum.

I use truss a lot. I have different sizes, lengths, shapes, colors, and other variables of truss. I am trying to make a report that tells me how many pieces of truss I am using. I have a record that has a few of these variables in it. Primarily I want to sort by number of lengths of certain sizes (IE I have 20 10' sticks of 12"x12" 8 4' sticks of 20x20 etc.). When I run different types of reports I cannot seem to get it to display this and I am aware of how to fix this record format or report setup on how to display what I want. What I am getting is a summary of 20 sticks of 12x12 30 sticks of 20x20 etc. It is not taking into account the lengths. Or I am getting it sorted by lengths and not by size. Help

I am also making my library of truss symbols I am editing them going to the data tab and selecting my truss record. Editing the data to match the symbol. So my 5' 12x12 has that already applied to it in its record format. My hope is that whenever I place this symbol it will have the data preassigned. However it hasn't worked as I have hoped. Nothing is holding the record I have assigned. Help

It holds the data in the symbol, but not when I place the symbol in the drawing.

Thank you,


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Try putting a sum icon in both the type and length columns. Add an additional column with a function of =count

The other possibility would be to add an additional field to your record format that would specify exactly the type and lenght together and use that to do the summary.

To set a record to be attached to every instance of a symbol, your first create the symbol then edit it. Deselect everything and then attach the record and set the "defaults" for that symbol. Exit the symbol.

When you next place an instance of the symbol, it will have the record attached. Instances that have already been placed will not update.

Thanks to Julian Carr for the background on this functionality. I stole this from a post he put on the VectorList back in 2006.


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Select the header row of the database. Drag the sum icon down to the column header. Repeat for the second column.


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