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VW keeps crashing due to an "Illegal operation" caused by the Card Driver that I am using (ATI Rage Pro 128). I only get this warning when I use the shaders textures and in Render Works. Is there anybody else who uses a Pentium III Processor with RW/VW? What is the "latest" or most efficient Video Card recommended to be used with VW/RW?

Thanks a lot.

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i have never had good luck with any ati products within autocad type applications esp. vectorworks- our g4 has the rage velocity 128 and it has sim probs- our pcs have been upgraded with a tntnvidia geforce based card for about 150 and it is awesome at vectorworks renderings and using it in 3d applications of vectorworks- it beats out the g4

however to keep using the ati- it shouldnt be extensions that are prob since vectorworks is very quicktime based- something not desirable on pcs- try getting the quicktime 4.1 upgrade and do the full custom install this will replace direct draw and direct 3d in quicktime and fix some probs

the other two things to try are ram in the computer-

download the newest ati drivers- although on my lap top i had to go back two releases to get the best working driver, after installing them or reinstalling current drivers- get the new directx from microsoft and install it

also if still prob completely remove all of vectorworks and renderworks- including everything in the registry- the uninstall leaves alot of stuff- can do via regedit and find command

and reinstall it fresh after updating quicktime and ati drivers

jonathan parsons

greenways inc


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Just to let you know that I am running with an ATI 128 Rage Pro on my PC.

To run with "base extensions" only, restart your computer in Safe Mode with Network Support.

Download the latest driver for your ATI card, this too might help. Also, you might look to see about increasing the amount of built-in memory on your machine. The resolution settings and engine settings in your VectorWorks preferences might be lowered a bit as well to help increase the performance, as well as manually setting your Virtual Memory.

If you have any questions about how to do this please contact Technical Services at (410)-290-5114 or your local distributor if purchased outside of the United States.

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend a specific video card for obvious reasons.


Brian O

Diehl Graphsoft, Inc.

Technical Support

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I'm using a Viper 770 ultra. It's seems to work with everything. It has 32 megs on board, and is accelerated for OpenGL and Direct3D. It uses the Riva TNT2 chip. I have not had any problems with RenderWorks or VectorWorks.

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