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Floating Data Bar in VW2008 doesn't display whole distance

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Is there a way to increase the field sizes in the floating data bar? I keep running into situations where the field length is too short to completely display a distance (e.g. 10' 11 1/).

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This is the kind of issues that really gripes me.

How can you design and test software and have an issue as simple as short field lengths for data entry??....and then someone labels it as a 'known bug' to be fixed sometime later. Really sad if you ask me. Come on guys this is basic.....but then again we have updated the refrigerator libraries...!

Tom in PA

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Of course things like this should work, but...

At present, there is no problem for something like 95% of the humankind and perhaps 70% of VW users.

Just go metric. It is perfectly legal even in the U.S. of A. (I guess "PA" is a part of the said country, but then again, I may be wrong. Locations like "PA" are anything but unambiguous, so this is pure guesswork. In my experience, the so-called Americans are shy in this respect - reluctant to let us know where they actually live in. Maybe PA is PAtagonia?)

Petri in the Civilized World.

Edited by Petri

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I'll make sure I update my profile to my city and country of birth also so as not to confuse anyone. Gee...the original starter of this thread must be a figment of someones imagination or an alien as he does not tell where he, she or it resides. Hmmm?

Then again it's only Sunday here in the non-civilized world,

Tom .....somewhere!

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tgm is on the money. Basic bug, simple to fix, but the code is released anyway. If this is the level of QC for a new release, how much of the code that we can't see is reliable? Why, oh why should I buy '08 until at least the first point release? So that I can be a Beta tester for VW? No thanks.

Altoids in MA

(For Petri: QC = quality control)

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QC = Queen's Counsel. It seems they don't have QM or QA in Maryland, USA.

MA? Not in my The Times Atlas of the World. MAtagonia?

Nevertheless, this is indeed a bug. Although it only affects a tiny (but very, very vocal) minority comprising Matagonian users with cubits & fathoms as units of measurement, it shouldn't be there. Not even on a Sunday.

I'm a Lumberjack & a Beta Tester and I'm OK!

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Lumberjack.....who would have guessed!

Tiny, but vocal minority, is correct. Why shouldn't we be??? We are paying customers trying to use the software to help earn our living. It may affect more VW users than we can tell, as most users probably don't contribute to this forum. They may be on the sidelines but with closed lips.

Look at me for an example.... I have been with NNA and their predessors since MiniCad 1 and I joined the forum, much to some peoples dismay, in '04. I was also on the sideline group for years.

Altoids is right.....we are users and NNA customers, not guinea pigs! Basic stuff should come out of the box right, period. A few glitches here and there, OK, but let's try to get it right guys.

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While the fact that bugs that effect your work are certainly frustrating, please take a step back and consider how much work goes into a release of VW.

Have you never sent out a drawing, only to have someone point out an error that you missed? Or sent out a document with a typo on the first page?

That is the kind of thing we are talking about. With the thousands of different hardware and software combinations that exist, it is impossible to test every option in every way on every system.

Does NNA every choose to ship a product with known bugs? Yes, absolutely. Do they like to do so? I don't think so. They have a pretty good record of fixing the things they can, and the field length bug should be fixed soon.

All of the people I know at NNA (dozens) are hard working and really care about what they do. But they are limited by the same kind of time and resource constraints that effect all of us.

And it really does not help to make you case and get you bug fixed sooner by being nasty and claiming that they have done this on purpose.


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Where in any part of this thread is anyone being 'nasty' and claiming these bugs are done on purpose?? Show me...

On the part about '...fixing things they can..', go and review the thread on 'screen flicker' that has not been addressed for the last year. All that time the hardware is to blame.

I totally understand about the possible combinations and permutations of hardware and how it relates to any application, but this has absolutely nothing to do with the basis of this thread.

The purpose of these forums is for users to air their problems and help NNA get a handle on all items affecting different platform and hardware configurations. If we have so called 'thin skinned' programmers who feel that this a personal attack on their work, then they should be in another business. If we don't work together as a community, nothing would ever get fixed and VW would go down in history.

Remember, it's only business..........

Enough on the subject,

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Not quite enough.

IF NNA was responsive and had the bugs/faults fixed by each major release, or even point release, I'd be quiet. But they leave incomplete features/bugs for *Frikin YEARS* then release a new version without fixing the previous errors, compounding the problem. I suspect the S.E. spend all their time as firefighters.

This is not about the good hearted people at NNA doing their best. This is a commercial enterprise. No other software I use, none, is as buggy, error prone, incomplete and thoughtless designed as VW, and none is as expensive.

And NNA consistently blames others for their bugs. See the years long problem with printing angled lines on the Mac. Screen flicker? This was an interesting issue in the mid '80s, getting the screen redraw buffer to synchronize with the CRT start of scan, 25 years ago. Coughs on printing PDFs; 12.5.2 still drops images out of PDFs. The stair maker is still tortured, grid area still wrong, use '08 for more than an hour or so on a PC and it grinds to a halt, network file access errors, 3D and PIO so ill-conceived that even power users don't use them, etc, etc, etc.

These are not run of the mill bugs. I've been unlucky enough to work for companies that made buildings like this. I'm guess it is the same management style, different product. Running to get the product out the door, committee heavy, no one with vision running the division, everyone covering their ass, minimize risk taking, producing bland, uninteresting work, that no one takes responsibility for. Clients (that's us) willingly accepting poor work, and everyone blaming someone else.

The end product is bloated, buggy software, with a button for every feature. No elegance, no simplicity, little thought. SketchUp (everyone's favorite example) is not the best 3D tool, but everyone uses it b/c of its ease. The product of a different management style.

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