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VW2008 and DWG workflow (shuttle files?)


In this Oct. 4, 2007 posting on Architosh I read the following::

Architosh: News > VectorFest Event Demonstrates Numerous Features Beyond Those Highlighted on Website

...the VectorFest event was valuable in that you could learn aspects of the program not featured in this way -- such as the new process/method for dealing with Autocad files.

VectorWorks users will be delighted in how they can manage the use of Autocad files via what the company called a "shuttle file" and an externally referenced viewport process.

Could someone provide some details on what VW2008 has changed with how it deals with ACAD files? What is this "shuttle file" and the "externally referenced viewport process" ?

Is this 'new DWG workflow' something that is in VW Fundamental, or is this limited only to the Design series?

And if this new DWG functionality is something VW users would be 'delighted' with, why is NNA not providing more detail on this feature in the VW2008 marketing?

Making the DWG roundtrip workflow as easy & data-lossless as possible is something that is very important (at least to me) since as VW users we almost always have to deal with consultants who rely on DWG compatibilty.

Thanks in advance.


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There were many cool new features shown and explained at VectorFest that went way beyond the marketing information on the NNA website. That is sort of the point of the event itself and why they called it "training." And that was the point being made in the Architosh article: that people should go to VectorFest if they can!

No software company can cover every single feature on their website when the features number over a hundred. I think the specific number mentioned was 90+.

I leave it to NNA to answer the detailed questions above.


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Thank you Anthony. I guess I thought that the VW2008 features lists on NNA's site were quite extensive, and therefore all inclusive. I'm glad to hear that I'm wrong.

I also want to thank you personally for your Architosh site - it's made using a Mac for architecture a little bit easier. Thank you. Keep up the good work.



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