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Ctrl + 2d selection tool

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Beginner question ahead!

Can someone please tell me how to disable/modify the copy action that occurs when the 2d selection tool is being used? It is troubling to think that I could well end up with a plethora of duplicate objects in my files due to the inadverdent use of this key, as the duplicates end up in exactly the same position.

I don't quite understand why this is the case, as every other software package I am familiar with uses the Ctrl modifier to add to a selection set. I understand that in VW that the Shift modifier does this, and eventually I will get used to it - but in the meantime this non-standard usage for Ctrl has me worried.

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Yes, windows operating system. Shift and Ctrl are used in windows, Ctrl for adding indivual items to a selection set. Microstation, Picasa, all Microsoft, Adobe products, Mozilla products, plus a host of other utilities and lesser known software.

I dare say I'll have to, but 20 years+ of ingrained habit is going to be hard to change.

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There is inconsistency, but that's the par for the course in the software business.

For example, Microsoft and Adobe products etc. vary in their use of the Control key. Sometimes (but not always), control-clicking will add to the selection. Sometimes (but not always), control-dragging creates a duplicate (in some programs that feature is tied to the Alt key instead).

The difference with VectorWorks is that control-clicking creates the duplicate whereas in other programs, the dragging motion creates the duplicate. This is unique behaviour from what I can see, so I understand the frustration.

The bad news is that there's no way to disable it. You just need to be conscious of the outcome.



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