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vectorworks 12.5 still available?

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because then they'll be opening and saving the same drawings on VW12.5 and VW2008, which i am assuming are not entirely compatible.

seems like a recipe for curruptions at any rate. plus in terms of staff being able to use 1 consistent cad systme no matter which machine they are at.

I don't see why they don't still sell it, you can still buy copies of windows xp for the very same reason.

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I'm not saying I like this policy, but it definitely is standard in the software industry, especially CAD software, to continually produce new versions that aren't compatible with the old, and to stop selling copies of the old. I think it's an important factor in sales.

It's like the auto industry's annual model change, which inspired the term "planned obsolescence." Once they've re-tooled the factory to make copies of the new installation CD, they would have no way to make another copy of the old one, would they? And who would buy a software product without the printed manuals and decorative box? (just kidding)

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ha! yeah it would be a disaster.

TBH, the ideal situation for us would be that we can buy a license for 2008, but have the option of installing it as 12.5 now. so that when we do upgrade (once they have bugs sorted out and I've caught my boss on a good day when he's feeling flush) we don't have to pay the upgrade fee.

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Just out of interest, is the installation media specific to a particular license key or is there just a software check that the dongle matches the license key? If it's the latter than there's no real difference between issuing a dongle & key for 12.5 or 2008, and for an extra seat you've already got the installation media so there's no need to re-issue an old version.

Being a sole trader I've never had a chance to experiment with swapping CDs & dongles.

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