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Persistance of the wide flange


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We have recently noticed that when placing a wide flange beam the create object box does not seem to work.

So I double click on my little wide flange icon, the create object box pops up, I pick the flange I want and insert it.

The flange inserted into the drawing is not the one I chose in the create object box but is the default flange that is set in the object properties box.

Obviously, I can easily deal with this by changing the flange in the OIP but it would be better to be able to just insert the correct one.

Any ideas?

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That is how I use it--but one of my colleagues was trying to select the beam from the double clicked object box and that does not work.

I suppose that if the object box did not come up when you double click on the wide flange icon this would not be an issue at all.

The tool leads you to believe it will behave in a certain way that it in fact does not.

Not a big deal but something we thought Nemetschek should be aware of--maybe I will submit as a bug.

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Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but this question has just come up at our (structural) office, and I was wondering if there was any update on this.

Double-clicking to set a default section size and then using the tool to insert a copy of that section would be the intuitive way to work. Inserting a generically-sized section and then having to edit each member you insert via the OIP is definitely less efficient, and the current double-click option to drop a member of a particular size at a given coordinate isn't as useful.

Was a bug report ever submitted for this steel member behavior?

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For those following this thread, I just submitted a bug report describing the unexpected behavior. I also mentioned that it's odd that the Preferences box for steel sections doesn't give a drop-down list for setting a default size...that's definitely a bug.

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