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Xfrog-Where are the Palm Trees?

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They are there.

The xfrog libraries are broken down by artistic file first, then latin name next. Some of the xfrog library files have only plants with latin names between P and PR, for example. You'd have to know a latin name for the tree you are trying to locate.

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Thanks Katie, I'll keep looking.

I am at this point finding a whole bunch of files labled: 21 deciduous files (are they somewhere in deciduous?-that doesn't make any sense), 6 conifers and 1 other (which seems to be desert plants) but seems like there just should be one saying Palm Trees- I know I stumbled upon them before...

I definitely need to take some time and just pick a dozen or so plants and create a folder for quick access to create presentation drawings.

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I am flumoxed!

Just tell me that files in the XFrog library folder includes, 21 deciduous, 6 conifers, 2 shrubs and 1 others plus front and top for each of those catagories and no other files.

...cuz Palm Trees would only belong in others in that list and they do not reside there.

Then I will give up because they are hiding too well for me to find.


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Hey Peter thanks for the shout out

I can't navigate to that for some reason. The hierchy that I am able to access is VW>Libraries>Xfrog Objects and then the aforementioned files in that folder- I have tried both a VW search and a Spotlight search per your recommendation but that is not in my VW folder for some reason.

From what I can discern I have Xfrog objects but cannot access or find: Libraries>Plants>Xfrog plant images> and so on...

Any other hint would be much appreciated because I know they are hiding here somewhere.

Have a client proposal meeting in a couple of days and ya think that a couple of Palm Trees are a part of the existing site/surrounding area here in San Diego?...



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OK so it appears I'm not going crazy.

Odd though that xfrog has some nice Palm Trees (I went to their website, but it seems they are not in the format that I can use) and VW has included so many of their impressive plant/image props for us to use-like, way more trees and plants that one could ever want-and not include three or four Palm Trees!?

Not a biggie, just thought for sure they were hiding there somewhere.

Thanks for all the replys to what is just a simple presentation wish.


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Yeah they are pretty pathetic compared to xfrog though

I already have a nice conifer in the presentation doc with a sketch hidden line overlaying a final quality renderworks viewport and the cartoonish Palm Tree from VW wont make the cut.

Thanks though.

Update- OMG I figured it out. Sorry, I have never used image props before (other than the defined ones with the xfrog symbols) so haven't really explored that file. I should have read cbaarch's reply more closely.

So for those of you who want to know where they are open up the image prop high res folder (found in libraries) and they are hiding among the Toyota Camrys and fire hydrants.



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