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plant symbols

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are there only 5 generic symbols in 2008?? the old version had about 25 to edit from. I found sketch type symbols in the resource library but I prefer the simple pencil sketch . am I missing something?

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The plant library is part of the Favorites list.

You can add this to the drawing by dragging/dropping and defining them as you go.

These symbols are editable, and all components are classed. The classing capability makes it convenient to control the part of the symbol graphic that's visible depending on the need of the project or print. There's a bit in the help file, as well as that library file (if you go to File > Open and open it - look at the design layer for details) that explains how the different parts of the symbol are classed, including the tags.

I think there's a PDF in the library folder, too which outlines this process. If you have problems locating this info, send me and email and I'll send you the info.

Likewise, you can create simple geometry and either convert as you go, or convert at the end to plant definitions.

To do this, go to Plants > Convert to Plant

If you still have 12, you can convert the default content file to a 2008 file and add it to the Resource Browser as a favorite and drag/drop from there.

To create a new plant (without geometry in the drawing), go to the Plant tool Preference button and choose one of the default (or existing) symbols and choose duplicate.

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The following actions result in a reportable crash.

I wonder if this is a problem that is going to be fixed in service pack 2.

(1) Double-click a plant symbol that has "Plant Shadows In Plan View" checked on.

(2) Highlight the "Definition" button in the "Edit Plant" window.

(3) Select "OK"

DISREGARD... After rebooting the PC three times, I can not duplicate the problem. ??? go figure.

Thanks Darrell.

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