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Mac OS Leopard compatibility

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I am in the process of convincing my boss-I am the one and only CAD person in our two person firm-to jump from ArchiCAD which we also have and I struggle with, to now make the complete switch to Vectorworks 2008 now that I have been producing full CDs and nice 3D rendered models for our clients with Vectorworks 12.5, and she also concurs that the flexibility and graphical quality-at least with my more limited knowledge and ability with ArchiCAD-is superior with VW (I know ArchiCAD is a full featured program-I just don't get it very well). I still am on Mac OS 10.3.9 on this computer and will need to upgrade (I wish the computer but only OS for now) to Leopard when it comes out

So... two things. One: Katie or Dave, I haven't read or heard anything on compatiblility with Leopard Mac OS 10.5?

and two: those of you who are starting to use VW '08 what are the best selling points -workflow efficiency-I should be using to best convince my boss to pay up and upgrade soon?

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I concur with Christiaan here, there will be few issues with Mac OS 10.5 and VW2008. However in my following of Apple Development I think you want to be very careful here. What is your compelling reason to upgrade the OS?

Instead, Leopard will now require Macs with "an Intel processor or a PowerPC G4 (867 MHz or faster) or G5 processor." Other system requirements include a DVD drive, built-in FireWire, at least 512MB of RAM (additional recommended), and at least 9GB of hard disk space.

While technically usable, I would save the $130 until you can afford to get at least a current iMac ( we use several of them in our office to great effect )



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Computer list I use is updated, still old school but I think (hope) both will be supported for a bit longer. Trust me, I don't even attempt radiosity...

Using OS 10.4 I am certainly used to the increased functionality provided vs 10.3- I can't even use widgets or Goggle Earth on this office machine.

I am so salivating for a new MacPro and at least a 23" monitor and to be able to use my other monitor for pallets-hoping the "firm" -if you can call two people a firm- will provide some funding to that end...

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At this point, with Leopard still not available to the public, we cannot comment on compatibility.

You can expect a compatibility statement between VW 2008 and OS 10.5 soon after the release of 10.5.

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Katie is correct in that before we have final software to test against, we cannot assume that something will not change in the final release of Leopard which somehow breaks VectorWorks. I can say, however, that we have fixed all significant problems we have had when testing against our latest seed versions of Leopard and we expect VectorWorks 2008 to work when Leopard is released. Further, we can unambiguously commit to fully support Leopard with the VectorWorks 2008 product even if it requires us to release a maintenance release after the final release of Leopard.

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Further, we can unambiguously commit to fully support Leopard with the VectorWorks 2008 product even if it requires us to release a maintenance release after the final release of Leopard.

Hi Paul,

Both the Institute I teach VW at, and the employer I Freelance to are unlikely to be able to upgrade to 2008 for quite a while.

What is NNA's position on supporting VW12 when Leopard is released in the next few weeks?



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We are still testing VectorWorks 12.5 as we only recently received our latest seed of Leopard. We are not in a position to make a statement yet that we can confidently stand behind, but we will be by the time Leopard is released. I'll update you soon.

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