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Sketchup Imports no more?


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My Sketchup imports are failing silently with SU 6.

I have just patched VW Architect to 12.5.2 and SketchUp to 6.0.1145, and when trying to import a new SU model, I get nothing. I can import older SU models (or if I save a new model as version 5).

Is this a known problem, or am I nuts (the two not necessarily being mutually exclusive)? I am running on a Mac OS X.4.10 on PPC.

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Regarding the assertion that VW 2008 supports SU 6 files, it's true only to a limited extent.

Once imported SU 6 files are toxic to the full rendering capabilities of VW 2008 viewports. The presence of SU 6 files disables the sketching of hidden lines in the viewport. ........a drag if you rely on sketch-style rendering.

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