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How Do I Open Old MiniCAD files in VW v12?

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I don't understand why NNA doesn't support all versions going right back. Bloat maybe? Well, at the conference it London it was a suggested to the engineers that maybe there should be a standalone app to convert all previous versions.

This may soon become an interesting (in the Chinese sense of the word) problem to some old users! They won't necessarily have a machine capable of running MiniCAD 7!

The way around that might be to run virtualisation software.

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All versions of VW, starting with VW 8 will import MiniCAD 7 and newer files. Prior to VW 8, all versions of MiniCAD can convert files up to 3 versions back.

If you have files pre-MiniCAD 7, we can aid in the conversion process. Please contact Tech Support directly for details:

410-290-5114 or tech@nemetschek.net

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