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Advanced 3D question?

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The attached image (which refuses to attach despite the MAC OSX / Netscape browser?) indicates a solid object that was sliced at a 30 degree angle from a 360 swept drum. The object will eventually be a stool. I am not certain if the X shaped surface pattern will be recessed or raised but I am wondering if there is an easier method than what I have started here.

In front elevation, polygons are constructed and then extruded (in between the X's) which are then used to modify the wedge. Only the bottom most triangle has been applied thus far.

I extracted the edges from the solid object and cut them at third points to create accurate 3D snap points and then used Nurbs curves to create the X's. 3D polys were an option but in both instances, the lines are flat and do not follow the outer curve of the drum, thus the dilemma. I would extrude along path if I could follow the face of the drum.

How best to create a double curving lattice object? My best assumption is to create a 30 degree slice and array it 12 times in plan to complete the circular stool.

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Blink, I would use NURBS for this project, and start by defining three or more circular NURBS curves, then use the lofting tool to create a solid, then use boolean process to carve out the middle, etc. Sample object created in two minutes or less by this process:


If you want the bottom curve to be a faceted polygon, you can define a NURBS curve for that, and everything will be faired into a single shape when you loft. Or, you can subtract an extrude with faceted hollow inner face that clips the object in a manner similar to your image.

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