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Vectorworks 2008 seems slow. Is this memory related?


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Hi I do not know if this applies but on VW2008, but on 12.5.2 (71041)in August VW started crashing on me like crazy at times it would go to 50% CPU and if I touched another key it would crash. I started checking task manager and one time found a file pop up called Verclsid.exe ref: ms 06-015. I uninstalled the file and removed the patch it came from (908531) and have not seen any problem since. my system has ran great. The patch came out in 2/07 but did not rear it's head till 8/07. If you go to MS site it discribes this problem.


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I'm having this same problem with VW 12.5. I'm using Windows XP Pro with 1Gb of ram and ATI graphics. Not on a network. I'm working with relatively small files - 4 to 18 Mb, and I'm not trying any complex rendering or lighting.

After VW has been runing for a while it gets slower and slower. Opening the task manager shows the memory commit charge getting very large. As it approaches the total available ram, the hardrive runs longer until the program either hangs or crashes. I've also noticed that if I manage to close the file before it crashes, task manger still show VW processor usage hovering around 30% - just sitting idle with no files open.

This problem occurs whether I'm running other applications or not. There is no particular function or sequence of operations that causes it. Just the fact that VW has been running for awhile. How long depends on file size. This is very similar to a memory leak problem that I had with another progam several years ago.

I see that the last post to this thread was in October. Is there a solution yet? The original post for this thread was from a VW 2008 user, but I hope you are able to fix the problem for 12.5 also. I never had this issue with previous versions.

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I have had similar problems with VW12, and a common diagnosis was some kind of "memory leak" (apps not releasing their memory allocation when they exit). Since these leaks are quickly plugged when found, but then reoccur later, I suspect they may be an inevitable consequence of software code bloat.

In VW08 I got tired of the crashing and lockups, so I pulled out my ATI CAD-graphics card, and put-in an equivalent nVIDIA card with twice the on-board memory. That didn't fix the current problem, which doesn't seem to be a memory leak.

During one recent event, I noticed that one unknown app in Task Manager was using 50% of CPU time. So I shut it down, and things went back to normal for a while. Next time I'll have to write down the app name and try to find out where it came from.

If it ain't one thing, it's two . . .

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We think we have a handle on the source of the problem and expect to have a resolution to this in the first maintenance update. This update will be available soon.


Can you tell me if NNA sorted this problem out with the SP2 release? I have the latest version running on a windows XP SP2 machine with pentium D 3.4Ghz 2GB mem, 640Gb HDD 7600GS card with latest driver and a page file of 6Gb. The OIP refresh after selecting an object freezes the program with CPU usage for one core at 100% but I am only getting a commit Charge of 806M/4963M. VW2008 is using 254,088K and the physical memory usage is Total 2095500K, available 1092880, System Cache 1236939K

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I am working on millwork details for a large high school. The file is about 20 Meg and I'm using a lot of VW's cabinet tools. The larger the file gets the slower VW's runs. During a single viewport update the operation went on forever and VW's became non-responsive with the CPU at 50%. I discovered that in the VW's preference 3D options that the 3D conversion res. was set to "very high". Changing the setting to "low" fixed the problem. I can now do a global viewport update in less than a minute which is a big improvement and no crashes.

VW's 12.5.3

Win XP, Pentium 4, 2.9GHz, RAM 2.5GB

ATI Radeon HD 2600Pro with 512MB DDR2 memory

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I believe the fix Katie posted about is related to a gradual slowdown bug that was present only in VW2008. The bug was fixed in a previous service pack.

Gary, do you have your OIP docked or floating? Perhaps you are seeing a different bug that we are trying to address in a future maintenance release--on some machines selecting an object takes a considerable amount of time (and the title bar starts blinking). The current workaround is to dock your OIP.


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Unfortunately docking the OIP does stop the title bars flashing and speeds up changes in object selection but I use two screens and have the pallets on one screen and the worksheet on the other to maximise the visible worksheet.

Also even after docking the OIP the program takes a long while to respond when carrying out different operations and does not seem to be specific to one or a range of operations. As people expressed earlier, the processor usage shoots up to 50% for the two processors (eg 100% for the one being used by VW) and stays there for anything up to 60mins until the program releases again. Windows Task Manager shows a commit charge of 665M/4963M 55 processes and 1196464K available out of 2095500K of physical memory. It also shows VW using 61% CPU and 199224K of mem. Could you please help? I do not think that the system is low on memory but I feel VW is not making best use of what is available.

Many Thanks

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I'm just started running VW2008 SP3 (13.0.0 76681) It is unusable. The slowness is excruciating. I started working on a Spotlight drawing (about 80 megs with about 4500 objects) and every object selection is taking forever. Granted this is a large drawing containing a lot of 3d objects, but the Autocad version is only 17 megs. When trying to edit a group it is taking >5 minutes to come back to the main drawing. I have set the 3d res to low. The drawing has

I?m running a dual core w/2 gigs of ram and a Nvidia 7950 card. I had no problems with 12.53. I went to 2008 to use the selection highlight functions but this is in no way a usable program for me. I?ll be moving back to 12.5 immediately.

Does anyone have any fixes for speeding up this molasses program?

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I ran into a similar problem today, but on a Mac. I noticed a significant graphics slowdown/lag when I switched from my old XT1900 Radeon card (which worked perfect with VW) to a new GE Force 8800 card. The lag is so bad, I will have to buy another Radeon Card. All of my other apps works fine with the new card but not VW.

Suggestions appreciated


David Sumner

David Sumner Design, Inc.

4005 Fifth Ave. Brooklyn NY 11215


Vectorworks 2008 SP3

Mac OS 10.5.4 2 x 2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon. 12 GB 667 MhZ DDR2 FB- DIMM

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