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Vectorworks memory usage

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Due to Michaels suggestion, I changed my Vectorworks Preferences to "Never" Retain Rendering Model under the 3d pane and the rendering finished without crashing. I would still like to find out how much memory VW can address. I don't want to spend money for more memory if it won't do Vectorworks any good.

Thanks again.

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Hello Bob:

On the Mac, the application is limited to 2.5GB before it starts running out of memory. On Windows, it is limited to about 1.5GB. It doesn't matter if you have more RAM, the OS limits the application. On Windows there is a procedure for enabling a "3GB switch" in the BIOS to allow the application to address more RAM. This is a limitation of 32-bit OSes; the maximum memory space you can address with 32 bits is 4GB, but the OS reserves some memory for its own uses.

What render mode are you using with the model? OpenGL is the only mode that will respond to the retain rendering model preference.

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Thanks for the info. I'll be putting my model on a diet instead of buying more ram. I am using Custom Renderworks for the final rendering. I had the "Always" retain rendering turned on for navigation while in OpenGL mode. This change in preferences was the only thing that was modified and my rendering was able to complete after probably 4 failed attempts.

I don't understand why but maybe it just freed up some memory.

Thanks again for your help.

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