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Linked layers - scale text

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Does scale text in linked layers work or have I not understood the method?

I have text on a layer at a scale of 1/50 and want to display it on a linked layer at a scale of 1/20 so that the text would plot at the same size, i.e. would be smaller relative to the drawing at the larger scale. I have linked the layers, selected "project 2D items" and, in the layer scale dialogue box have left "scale text" unselected.

The text remains the same size relative to the drawing in the 1/20 layer.

I have made a trial file with a line of text at 10 points and put a tight rectangle around it at 1/50 scale. Linking it to a 1/20 scale layer the text continues to fill the rectangle with either "scale text" selected or not.

Can anyone please help?

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Unfortunately, you must think of Layer Links as containers. The objects are not ?there" on that layer. If you change the size of the "container?, all of its contents will change accordingly, regardless of type or original layer scale (multiple scales become one scale).

The easiest way to work around this specific issue is to create a new "text" layer. Use the "Show Snap Modify" layer option, select all of your text (custom selection), and paste in place on the new "text" layer. Return to an ?Active Only? layer option, select all, scale objects (select scale text) and set to the appropriate size.

When you link the "text" layer in with the other layers it will scale, but to the size you are looking for. I.e., if you have a drawing at 1/4, you are layer linking at 1/8; the text would be scaled at 2.0000 to remain the size of the 1/4 scale appearance.

If you have questions regarding this procedure, call (410)-290-5114 to speak with a technician.


Brian O

Diehl Graphsoft, Inc.

Technical Support

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Actually scale text is for individual layers that are unlinked. I'm sorry if I was confusing before. The scale text does not work in layer links, however it does work in standard layers.

The text you "see" on a layer link is not text. It is not recommended to include text into layer links.

Your best option is to overlay your layer link with a layer of text how you want it to be. Then, view them together when you are ready to print (by making the others invisible).

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