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Lineweight of 2D Locus


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When I place a locus on my drawing it comes in at 1 mil lineweight as viewed in the attributes palette. If you try to change this value the locus will not accept the change and it reverts to 1 mil.

The question is, why do I have loci in some of my drawings that have a lineweight of 9 mils? This is a bit annoying because you do not have to zoom in very far before a 9 mil locus becomes a black blob on the screen.

These 9 mil loci will also not accept a lineweight change by the attributes palette, so the only way to get rid of them is to place a new locus at the same point and delete the old one.

Has anyone else noted this behavior? Is this a bug?

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My loci are in the None class, and the None class linewieght is set to 1 mil, and I still have loci with line weights of 9 mil, and NOT by class lineweight.

It is interesting though, that you can assign a different lineweight to the locus by giving it a class lineweight, but once you do this, the locus is now stuck to display class linewieght and cannot be set back to a standard lineweight via the attributes palette. i.e. You cannot get rid of the little arrow even if you uncheck the "Use" checkbox for the class it is assigned to. So even if you are not using any class attributes for that class, the locus will still take the lineweight by that class until you reassign it a different class.

So I still say this is a bug. If you cannot change the linewieght of a locus other than by using class lineweight, then how did I end up with loci displaying 9 mil not by class lineweight?

And when you place a new locus in your drawing, it comes in at a lineweight of 1mil, not using class lineweights, so I think it is an additional bug that you can change the lineweight by class.

From what I know, loci are just markers and should not display at any other lineweight than the default 1mil.

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Loci, IMO, should never show any line weight above the minimum needed to make them visible on the screen. In all versions before 12, Loci showed thin lines at all zoom levels. In v12, Loci begin to show a line weight at zoom levels around ~3000%, above which they appear as large blobs - fuzzy and indistinct. Only turning off the Zoom Line Thickness preference makes them appear as they should.

Though this may not be considered a bug, I feel it was an ineffectual change to the program. I hope to see the Locus returned to its previous appearance someday. Is there any improvement in VW2008?


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In all versions before 12, Loci showed thin lines at all zoom levels.

Seems to me that we started see this situation with v11.5 ... and now must pay constant attention to the Class Attributes of the Loci which can be a real hassle when show-line-thickness is on.

Using scripts to turn-on & off the 2d & 3d Loci and reassign attributes helps control the beasties.

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Why should a locus diplay any lineweight at all? As Raymond stated, It should display the minimum line necessary to be visible. And this should not change at any level of zoom or any scale.

And you should not be able to change the linewieght through any means, after all it is a marker, not a drawing object.

I believe that this is the way it was in previous versions of the software. I have sent something to bugsubmit on this.

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OK, it's a marker, but in close zoom, the marker can get obscured by overlaying or surrounding objects. You can see the loci and their arrangement relative to other objects when zoomed out, but go in close and they are often difficult to find.

It is sometimes helpful, for me, anyway, to have a stronger lineweight on a locus.

There are so many ways to adjust VW objects' attributes. Locus attributes should be managable, even if adjustable. I say keep the adjustability, and that it is a feature, not a bug (well, unless added line weight causes crashes or other inoperability)


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