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Unstable, slow, quirky VW 2008

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You can contact CU regarding their return policy and/or demo program.

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Stable here. No flickering. MacOS X. When did you last get decent computers, MJW? Ladas may flicker.

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I've tried to test everything I can to free up operating memory for VW 2008 to no avail.

Here is what is happening.

Version 12.5 worked fine...no issues at all.

Version 13...is stealing all of my system memory resources as I draw (mainly just in lines and few symbols). It just gets sooooooo slooooooow that I have to shut down VW and start it up in order for it free up memory.

I am running XP with 3.6Ghz dual core nvidia 7400 (latest upgrades)with 256 on board and 2GB memory.

It takes about an hour of layout time in simple lines to begin noticing the OIP taking additional time to gather info with each object selection. If I drop a symbol in it can take up to 10 seconds for the OIP to recognize it.

I have shut down all unecessarry programs, increased system pagefile size, disabled indexing.....nothing I do to windows seems to help VW. As a matter of fact 2008 is slowing down any and all other programs I wish to run like when I opened this explorer window to write this...VW is minimized but it has grabbed all my memory so this note is taking a long time to write.

There is a memeory problem with 2008...

Any suggestions would help....

Is anyone else out there seeing the same thing?

I may have to go back to 12.5 to keep food on the table.

Pete A.

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Try turning off GDI imaging in VW prefs and see if things speed up.

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I have now added my graphics, just in case graphics is the problem, to my info and asked Dell for their view on flickering screen.

Just in case it does not come up it is a 750W-256MB ATI Fire GL V7200 [MRGA13B] Graphics Card.

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There were a number of screen flickering problems fixed in VW 2008. At least all that were submitted to the testing department.

I don't ever remember any from NNA even acknowedging that there were 'screen flicker' issues being looked into. It seems that ever time the subject was brought up on this board the first and standard answer was a video card issue.

So VW12 does have issues with screen flicker.....now it all comes out, after the release of the new software, which of course we have to buy to find out if in fact the flicker for our scenario is gone.

And if we don't upgrade we will be faced with living with the issues at hand until we pony up the extra dollars. Go back and look at how far back this issue was first reported on this forum.

If the folks at NNA would only communicate with its users on these issues, we would be a much happier forum group.

Well, I sure won't be changing soon, I can tell you that.

NNA should remember that happy users are productive users and NNA's best form of advertisement.

Back to my flickering screen...........


Tom in PA

WinXP SR2, VW12.5.2, nVidia Quatro FX3000 dual head

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Not sure I get you!? I take it either I have the best and most up to date vid card ever and so should not have a problem. Or I need to get a piece of new kit called F22 Raptor which I have just searched and found is a 5th generation fighter!

I think I have got it now and it is a joke - early sunday morning, sad I know, and it has sunk in - I do have a good vid card and so should not be having a problem.

Still waiting for Dell's take on this but as I first thought it is a problem with the VW software and not the hardware.

Support Tom on this.

If NNA where seriously looking into this then they should have acknowedged there was a problem and actively requested files to check out. Now I do not recall this ever being done. Anyway which file do you send as it affects all files and all my pcs!

But nice to hear that NNA have sorted it in VW 2008 and I will be holding them to get and if we upgrade we will want a full refund.

Some, even NNA, seem to think that this is not a major problem but I think it is a major issue and not just an annoying flicker but a health and safety issue, especially if you have epilepsy! You should learn what bad publicity came out of the London olympics logo. Sorry to sound threatening but this has gone on long enough with little response from NNA and lots of inaction. But, as I say, nice to hear NNA confirm that they have now fully sorted the problem out and there is no screen flicker problems in VW 2008.

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