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Unstable, slow, quirky VW 2008

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Been on it for about a week (Architect 2008)and have regular crashes, freezes, blinking monitor, VERY slow responsees, etc, etc... also some quirky symbol transformations when I rotate plan.

Too many to go into detail, just want NNA to confirm they're aware of SEVERAL malfunctions and that they're on it.




Intel Core Duo Q6600

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When was the last time you updated your video driver?

An out of date video driver could affect blinking, slowness, crashes, etc.

You should not be experiencing any of these issues. I'd like to discuss them in detail, if possible.

Feel free to send me an email with your contact info and a good time to call tomorrow (Wednesday) and I'll follow up with those issues.

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We have experienced the same blinking monitor issues along with slow Object Info response ever since we upgraded from VW11. We have just recently installed a new Nvidia FX3000 dual head video with the latest drivers from nvidia and we still have the problem. We have installed VW12.5 on two other systems with current drivers and different monitors and we get the same results. There is some inherent flaw in VW that seemingly can't be fixed. Why it cannot be duplicated by NNA and reported on is beyond me.

Do a search and you will find we are not the only ones complaining of this issue. It sure is a real pain on a day to day usage basis.


Tom in PA

WinXP Pro SP2, VW12.5.2, nVidia FX3000dual head card

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By "blinking monitor" do you mean that the VW window header and the little icons in the upper right seem to blink multiple times when doing certain operations? That is what I am seeing, and I'm waiting to get a good fix on it before submitting a report.

Because this only seems to happen with complex projects with large filesize, my theory is that there is some kind of memory management going on in the background, and that the program is loading and unloading modules & resources in order to keep total RAM down. Or it could be as simple as some function call repeatedly asking for a window redraw.

In either case, this needs to be re-engineered. As users, of course, we're more-or-less in the dark about the causes. The best we can do is give very detailed information to NNA. I think Katie is a good person to describe the problem to.

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The dreaded 'blinking' can be on even the smallest file size drawing. As soon as I click on a callout and/or any type of PIO the Object Info Palete just fades and slowly comes alive with information as you watch the screen flicker. I have tried everything for a year now and still nothing.

We have given very detailed information on this very item in many posts over the past the past year and it seems to have fallen on deaf ears, as they say, as we have never got anyone from NNA really get into the problem, including Katie.

There is not much more we can do other than muddle along with the issue.

You can bet we will not upgrade to 2008, that's for sure.

Hope this gets addressed somewhere along the way as it really gets bothersome during daily use.


Tom in PA

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Hey Tom in PA,

You should give Revit a try! Oh btw, don't listen to any of the horse **** being thrown around by VW:

You do not need a third party drafting program such as cad to do any drafting whatsoever. The built in drafting commands are quick, efficient, and all that are needed. I started out thinking it wasn't as quick as cad, but soon realized it was just as quick if not quicker.

The drafting overlay (annotation views in VW) can be locked (constrained) to those objects and move when they move.

The extensive documentation is a good thing!

Having a rigid work flow/environment is also a good thing. It is simply a framework for a new user/employee to 'jump' in and know, based on this framework, how the project is co-ordinated, structured, organized.

These are some of the cons to using Revit posted on the VW website, all horse ****!!!!

and sry, nna, just one man's opinion!

and let me finish by saying that Revit has its own set of issues and difficulties to work around, it is just a few releases (unkown) years ahead of VW. That's all, hauling rocks w/ a sack compared to using a wheel.

wheel, or sack, that is the question.

Edited by former Revit user
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I never said forum, I said VW, meaning the software, or, the people behind it. I should have said the official NNA website? would that be appropriate?

read the posts first

You responded to the other one about acad and simply pasted in some official NNA rhetoric, that wasn't what the conversation was about, I don't mean to petrify the situation w/ mean comments, I'm sry.

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Re: the screen flickering comments, I've experienced something like this as indicated above, but not to the degree some are reporting. So it seems to me that this is a complex situation that might have as much to do with the particular system as with the program itself. I would encourage everyone to post more complete system details. Mine:

VW 12.5.2 and 2008; WinXP pro x64; Intel CoreDuo 3.2 Ghz; 2 GB RAM; NVIDIA quadro FX 3450/4000 w/ driver

revit, in my mind your credibility is suspect because of the tone of your posts. I looked at the RA link, and Revit wasn't mentioned. Normally I'd just ignore comments like this, but in past posts you have shown some signs of being more serious.

I've never used Revit, so I can't comment on the substance, but I have a hard time sorting out your complaint. How about giving us some specifics, such as how long you used Revit and in what context, how long you've worked with VW, and what your detailed comparison is? That would be useful. Crude language, **** or not, is uninformative.

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There were a number of screen flickering problems fixed in VW 2008. At least all that were submitted to the testing department.

If you are still experiencing the screen flicker issue, please send an email to me and I'll expedite it to the testing team. Please include your version of VW, OS, and when it occurs. (Even if you are using VW 12, still send the info over)

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Sorry Pete.

My tone is one of frustration. Frustration that I've spent the last 2 months trying to learn a program that IMHO, is not as good, or not targeted well at designers than a program (you know the one) that I've worked w/ for about 1 1/2 years. No, not much time at all. But certainly enough to make a comparison.

Now, you might say, gosh, 2 months isn't very much at all. You're right. But there are many similarities between the programs which prevented me from having to re-learn stuff twice. And, using this helpful forum (thank you all) to find answers to questions much quicker than muddling through them on my own.

Context: Residential. 5,000-10,000 sqft.

As for the quoted material. It is Mr. Anderson's white paper on VW and how it fits in to BIM. Found on NNA's website.

Edited by former Revit user
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A quote ...

It's on your website, NNA?

I followed the BIM link from the forums, posted by a moderator.

I read this as a BIM conversaion in the forums (message board) which was posted by a moderator.

When I asked for the link, which would have provided clarity of the source of your information, you posted the above.

Please be mindful of how you speak to people in the forums. I can understand your frustration. At the same time, it is not fair to take it out on other people. There are tactful ways of providing feedback that do not take strikes at individuals.

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You responded to the other one about acad and simply pasted in some official NNA rhetoric, that wasn't what the conversation was about, I don't mean to petrify the situation w/ mean comments, I'm sry.

What are you referring to here?

A discussion in this thread, or another thread?

All I was trying to do was figure out the source of your info, so I could set the record straight. (If it's within this thread)

When statements are made against NNA, I feel as an NNA rep, and a moderator here on the board, I have a responsibility to ensure information posted here is not only correct, but also within reason.

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All I am trying to do is gather enough information to respond and moderate the forum the best I can.

The tone in your past few posts is not appropriate for this forum.

If you have feedback, that's great. We love feedback here at NNA. We all need to find professional and appropriate methods of providing feedback, though.

If this one discussion has lead to your decision to leave the forum, I can remove your account.

The forum is a great resource for VW users and non-users and offers quite a bit of information from all facets of its use and implementation and has helped people like you make a transition. You even noted this yourself. The forums are one of the few communication resources where everyone around the world can communicate not just about VW, but other industry-related topics while being in direct communication with many NNA employees.

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