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Vertical Text Problem in 8.5.2

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I use a Mac with OS 8.6, VW 8.5.2 with an HP 870Cse DeskJet printer. Ever since upgrading to 8.5.2b and now 8.5.2 from 8.5.1 ALL vertical dimensions and rotated text print incorrectly, i.e. individual characters are rotated but dislplay in a horizontal stack. If I print the same document in 8.5.1, it prints correctly. Has anyone elso experienced this? Most curious!

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Yes, I just finished a quick sketch and printed it out on my (old) HP DeskJet 855C. Everything looks fine except vertical dimensions. Individual characters are rotated correctly except they stack horizontally away from the dimension line. Quite perplexing. I don't have any rotated text, but imagine simialr results.

Mac G4/400/256 OS9.0 100MB to VW


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