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Floating Data Bar - Numeric Entry Bug?


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I have been trying to configure the new floating data bar to work like the old system, but I cannot do it. here's my problem: i use the number keys to change the mode bar (or at least what was previously called the mode bar) and the 'do not use numeric keypad entry for instant data bar activation' option does not seem to work, causing me to enter '1' or '2' in the floating data bar when i intend just switch modes.

for example, i start drawing a wall and i want to change the reference point for it's insertion so i press the number one a few times and it enters this into the floating data bar. the option to not use instant numeric activation of the floating data bar doesn't seem to work for me.

has anyone else experienced this problem?

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Are you pressing 1 on the numeric keypad, or the 1 above the letters on the keyboard?

If you are trying to change the mode of the wall tool, the shortcut is the U key on the keyboard, not the 1.

1 on the numeric keypad will change Views to a left isometric.

When I tried this with the same settings, pressing 1 did not invoke the Heads Up Display and it did switch to an isometric view.

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i am using a custom workspace. i configured the mode buttons to be accessed by 1,2,3 and 4 above the keyboard. i work on a laptop so i have no numeric keypad (essentially).

i can change my workspace, but they keyboard shortcuts i picked for each key were done so for a reason: they significantly speed up my workflow. i found that if i can get around the numeric entry problem by keeping the data on the fixed bar, but then i noticed another change: you cannot press tab to access the data bar when a tool is neither selected or activated (ie, starting to draw a wall). was this change done purposefully? i liked to use that feature in 12.5 because i could navigate to a certain part of the drawing that i wanted to use as a reference point (say, for its x coordinate), tab to the x cell, and press enter to lock that coordinate in. now i can start a wall at that x coordinate for example. i know i can use floating edges, but i preferred the old method better because it was a little more foolproof. has this feature indeed gone away?

i think the floating data bar is a good idea, but it would be great if the only way to access the values in it were to press tab (like the way the old version of vw worked).

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i gather you've already tried this based on your response, but i tried using a default workspace and i got the same results. if i use a floating data bar, i can access the data with the tab key (and also the numbers above the keyboard, which is inconvenient in my case), but if i use the fixed data bar or the data bar on the tool bar, i cannot access the data with the tab key like we used to be able to.

for reference, i am talking about accessing the data bar without using a tool (ie, in the middle of drawing a polygon or a wall).

thanks katie

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