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I have followed the described steps in the help menu to import a lightwright file, however I have not had any luck. Can someone help? Is there a common thing I might be forgetting. It starts to import than says it selected everything that didn't import any data and selects everything.



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You need to check the Unique ID field and make sure it's the correct one when importing the data. Spotlight can't automatically determine which field contains the unit data labels that it relies on, so you have to point it to the right one. It is usually External ID (coming out of LW), so make sure that is selected in the Import Instrument Data dialogue box.

You will have to manually map the gobo field, the symbol field...one other I think.

If it helps, the import/export macros work perfectly in VW2008 - using 12.5.2's automated actions in LW. Have no idea why.

Oh, and if you haven't updated to 12.5.2....you should...

Cris Dopher

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It's just the import mapping file on the Mac that does not work in 12.5.2. (You will see the message that the file is not valid.) As far as I know the rest of the command functions as it did in 12.0 and 12.5.x.

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The was a problem with LW 4.1.7.

I am using 12.5.2 and LW 4.1.6 and not having any problems. Check with John at LW before you give up on 12.5.2

LW 4.1.7 is fine, the import/export routines are *exactly* the same they've been for the last few releases. The problem is that 12.5.2 doesn't match fields up well when you click the "AutoLink" button when importing back into VW. You have to go through the whole list and very carefully check all of the field mappings and fix the ones that aren't right. The two most critical are the Lightwright ID and the UID.

And yes, 2008 has AutoLink working correctly. Hooray!

- John McKernon

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