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VectorWorks 2008 only partial plotting



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A bit more info on this bug.

Identical border prints fine from within same operating system to same printer when working from VectorWorks 12.5. Also, smaller sheet sizes up to C size work fine from VW 2008 but fail at larger plots.

If rendering is moved to right 20% of sheet while in D plot, nothing prints. If same rendering is dragged to center of D plot, entire image will print.

Very weird.

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In page setup dialog box, 1 page horiz and 1 page vert. is selected. Printable area is shown as 34.66 width and 23.61 height.

In printer setup box, Arch D 24x36 is shown, landscape is the orientation, and scaling is 100%.

In properties, roll feed(24 in) is selected. Normal quality, optimize for drawings/text, and landscape orientation are selected.

All are my usual settings. All print same border fine when done from VW 12.5 but not in 2008.

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Go to File >Page Set up

In the upper right corner, check mark "Choose Page Size Unavailable" and choose "One Printer Page" in the drop down box.

When you view the drawing, are the desired printed objects within the gray print boundary border?

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With that option checked as you recommend, there is no change in erratic plotting behavior. Again, within gray'd printing area, nothing prints if in the right-most 20% of page(the print file processes, spools, and then self-deletes). Only when objects are beyond this range does the print file become registered with the plotter and then what prints is a cropped image, ommiting the right side of sheet.

So far, only workable option is to export file as PDF, then print from Acrobat.


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I have the same problem and switched off the GDI. The full plot printed but the symbols (ones with less than 100% opacity)would not show what was beneath the symbol. The symbol also looks different than the same symbol with 100% opacity.


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