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Window fill in plan


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I have windows in a plan with walls that are filled solid grey to indicate they are existing. I would like to have the windows in the same wall also show filled jambs, as I'm able to do with the doors. However, when I try to do this with windows, the whole window shows filled, including the sills both interior and exterior. dis be craazy. I can't find a setting to fix this so only the jambs show filled. Please don't tell me to turn off the sills, I bought this program for its graphics!

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Sorry squidly, I can't help you. I thought I was going mad myself because I've been complaining about the same thing for quite a while but I didn't get any responses as well. At least now I know there are others that experience this as well. This is one of the things I have been complaining about the window tool. It just doesn't suit my needs. It surprises me more people don't find this to be a problem.

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I've been looking at this as well and have noticed that in 2008 and 12.5 the Top/Plan view ignores the class attributes set for Style-1, Style-2 etc - in other words the style classes you can assign the various elements of the door or window to. Instead it takes on the class attribute of the class the window or door object is placed into.

However, when you switch to a 3D view you do see them. There are also issues if you try a horizontal section through the windows/doors in an attempt to get around this. Some of the elements in PIO don't get picked up at all.

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