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VW 2008 Rotated Plan view NOT working with Spotlight functions


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It appears that the new (finally) rotated plan view in VW 2008 does not work with spotlight functions:

-Inserting a fixture onto a "Rotated Top" view causes the display to go into some strange rotated "3d top view". Fixtures on the current layer shift into a wireframe view and the display grinds to a halt. The instrument insert tool also gets de-selected. Reselecting the instrument insert tool will revert the display to the correct view momentarily, but some label legends will disappear.

-Moving a fixture while in a "Rotated Top" view creates similar results. As does hitting "Refresh Labels".

-Label Legends will randomly disappear in rotated views. You need to return to TOP/PLAN view and then REFRESH LABELS or INSTRUMENTS to get them to appear.

-Double Clicking on a fixture in rotated view will sometimes cause the fixture to disappear. Once the fixture has disappeared, I cannot get it to return- even by reverting to the un-rotated TOP/PLAN view.

Running XP-Pro on a Dual Core 3ghz with 3gB of ram and 256mb nVidia 6800.


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Haich, you're not wrong on this stuff. The reason no-one has responded is because there's not much to say about it. I can confirm your observations and that they happen on both platforms. I don't, however, have my display grinding to a halt on the Mac. On Windoze, the program freezes for several minutes during any of a whole passel of 3D operations - it's quite aggravating, but something the engineers are working on, I'm sure. At the same time, I see you're running XP - as am I - and I'm sure that Vista is what receives the real attention as far as programming goes.

Bugs have been filed regarding all of the above, by the way.

My best suggestion at this point in time is to get your positions created (at least this works in Rotated Plan...it didn't in the early stages!), drop in units at the required spacing, then go back to unrotated display and continue with data entry and refreshing instruments. I highly suggest using the Duplicate Array and Duplicate Along Path commands, and the Move By Points tool, for quick unit replication along positions. You don't have to insert a unit manually for every unit needed - Spotlight will automatically assign new data names for each duplicate unit.

Cris Dopher

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Thanks for the reply, Cris. I installed VW2008 on my laptop and got the same results so I figured these were actual bugs and not a system specific thing. I too am getting the "several minute freezes" on my XP machine, but not on my Vista laptop. I appreciate you taking the time to fill me in though.

Katie, Kevin & NNA: I am somewhat amazed that this product ("Spotlight") was deemed ready for release. Quite literally I found these problems within 30 minutes of installing the upgrade. How can NNA charge $435 for an upgrade to a product that hadn't been thoroughly checked out. It seems to me that either NNA knew there was a problem with Spotlight functions and decided to release anyway -OR- NNA didn't to check the functionality with one of the big new features of VW2008. I don't know which is more disturbing.

Is there an ETA on a bug fix for these problems?


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Just a heads up to those who view this thread, trying to track down the same problems...

Think hard about what having the ability to rotate a 2D plan view means in terms of programming. Almost every single tool must have been reprogrammed, some of them I know for sure were completely rewritten from the ground up. This is one of those behind the scenes overhauls that was truly massive, but it is hard for the user to appreciate, since it really resulted only in one new feature, right?

I think its easy to forgive NNA for bugginess in higher-order PIOs in the current release. They don't set the release dates, they just do their best to meet them.

As for release dates.... what would you do if you ran a software company? Try to make every single thing perfect and watch the competition get way ahead of you because THEY release on a yearly or semi-yearly cycle? Can't be done. This new yearly cycle is ultimately beneficial for programmers and users. I'd rather HAVE the slightly buggy Rotate Plan than to still be working in 12.5.2 and trying to draft everything on a 15 degree incline....

Cris Dopher

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