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Tape measure tool short cut


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Any tool or menu can be given a shortcut using the Workspace editor.

Go to Tools > Workspaces > Workspace editor, or click on the little arrow at the bottom of the Basic tool palette and choose "Customize..."

Find the Tape measure tool under the Tools tab, and in the pane to the right.

Choose the keyboard combination at the bottom, then set the letter/number by clicking to the right of "Tape Measure tool" in the pane to the right.

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You can set the short cut for any tool in the Workspace Editor. Go to the menu Tools/Workspaces/Workspace Editor, and edit the current workspace. If it is one of the standard provided workspaces, you will have to edit a copy and give it a new name.

Once in the editor, choose the Tools tab, and in the right side, navigate to the tape measure tool. It should be inside Tool Sets/ "Dims/Notes". once you find the tool select it and type the key of your choice as the shortcut. If the shortcut is already being used, it will ask if you want to reassign it. I believe the "=" key is already assigned to the Mirror Tool. but if you prefer it for the Tape Measure just reassign it.

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