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VW 2008 Batch Convert not working?


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Batch Convert (convert old VW files to VW 2008 version) does not seem to be working consistently. Some times I can scan a folder with hundreds of files (not all of them are VW files) and maybe one or two files will convert even though there are dozens of VW 12.5 files in the folder. Some times the report at the end of the scan says zero files scanned, zero files converted even though there are several VW 12.5 files in the folder and sub-folders.

Anyone else having problems with Batch Convert in VW 2008? Have not had these problems with previous versions.

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I tried your suggestion to convert to a new directory and the results were interesting, but not successful. Fortunately, I tried this experiment on copies of files as opposed to the original files. Here is what happens:

I have a folder with 14 VW version 12 files and no sub-folders. When I select "convert in place," the dialogue box identifies 14 files and begins the conversion. When the 8th file is converted, the conversion stops and the conversion reports 14 files were identified, 8 files were converted, 0 files not VW files, 0 errors, etc. So 6 files are skipped. All of the original VW12 files can be opened in VW2008 by way of the file menu so the files are not corrupted.

Now, using the same VW 12 files and performing a "batch convert" to a different directory, the conversion dialogue box identifies 14 files and converts the first 2 files successfully, the 3rd file is converted as the 2nd file with "_VW12" added to the file name. The 4th file is converted as the 3rd file with "_VW12" added to the file name, and so forth to the end. In other words, I end up with a folder of 14 converted files (2 files convert successfully and 12 files are the same as file #2 with "_VW12", "_VW12_VW12", "_VW12_VW12_VW12"? etc. appended to the file name. And, what is worse, the name of the original #2 file is changed to include the "_VW12" addition to the name.

Needless to say, I would not attempt "batch convert" on original files until this is sorted out. The results are different and un-predictable on other folders with a different numbers of files and with sub-folders. I contacted technical support and I have sent a copy of my 14 file folder to see if they can reproduce the problem. It is also entirely possible that my system is the culprit and not VectorWorks, however, I can reproduce the problem on 2nd computer as well.

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I'm trying to reproduce this problem. I have several questions and items that I would like to obtain from you when you have some time.

Can you email me the Batch Conversion Log that is created when this problem occurs.

What are the options you have turned on for Batch Convert?

Include Subfolders?

Convert in Place?

Convert layer links into viewports?

Convert Referenced Layers into Referenced Viewports?

Molly Sasso


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I found what causes the appending of the "_VW12", "_VW12_VW12", "_VW12_VW12_VW12"? etc.

Open a VW file created in a previous version of VW in VW2008, you will get the dialog "This file was created with an older version...." at the bottom of the dialog is a Settings button. Select the Settings button, you will get another dialog "Keep the original file name with the:" and you can select from "Original File" or "New File" if you choose "New File" and then attempt to Batch Convert you will get the appending "_VW12", "_VW12_VW12", "_VW12_VW12_VW12"? etc. So as a work around for now, only choose "Original File".

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