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I hope I'm not being daft, but in fumbling my way round VW 12.5 with the help of a quickstart guide to VW10 (ie not that useful for quite a few things! am waiting for the Resolve Architect Workbook but its not due til next thurs!) I'm having trouble grasping the viewsheets.

1/ I want to do 1 drawing then print a site plan at 1/2500, a few block plans at 1/500, and some more detailed files. Currently I am drawing at 1/1 and have managed to get a couple of viewsheets set up at other scales. Should I drop the 1/1 and if so what scale should I use for the 'main' drawing? I'm a bit confused by the possibility of having layers at different scales - should I keep them all at ?? scale?

2/ What happens to hatches as they move accross scales? Should I hatch in the 'main drawing' (don't work at 1/1!) and if so, how do they scale for the different viewsheets? Is it the same with text, and would I make a different layer/ class for text to go on a layout at 1/100, to text for the site plan at 1/2500? How about putting text straight on a viewsheet?

3/ Do 'I use 'sheet layers' or 'viewsheets' to print my different plans from (the viewsheets I have seem to be within a sheet layer)

4/ Do I set up borders/ drawing titles in the drawing, the viewsheets, or sheet layers?

sorry for such general questions, which clearly suggest I'm having trouble grasping some core concepts. I've been hunting for web-based info on this but it all seems to be related to finer points. Any help much appreciated as I'm trying to get some basic drawings done for our lovely planners by monday!

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I have tried to draw in the scale of 1/1. And had the same problems you are. I typically set up my design layers all at the same scale. Usually the most common scale used through-out the project. Adjusting your scale should take care of your hatch problem. I put my text in "annotations" within the viewport (viewsheet?) use 10pt = 1/8 inch. This includes drawing titles.

I usually set up my drawing borders in a design layer and viewport them into a sheet layer.

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1) You can choose the scale of the design layer. This will not affect drawing because we all draw 1:1. The scale of the layer only tells the program at which scale the layers is 'shown'.

This can be handy to see lineweights and hatches correctly.

2)In viewports, you can scale lineweights, hatches, text etc. Its an option of viewports. So when you want to view the same drawing at 2 scales, just adjest these preferences.

3) You use sheetlayers to make a 'layout' of how you will print your drawing. You can see sheet layers as virtual papers where you can decide what goes where and put some extra texts on it as well as a drawing border. Viewports will get the model from your design layers and display it the way you want.

4) It's your choice.

Generaly you can see it this way:

Use design layers to model and create your building

Use sheet layers to display the model in different ways to make elevations, sections cuts etc.

You can then annotate all those vieuwports, put a drawing border on the page, and you'll have something that you can print correctly.

There are several ways to do things and this is not always the best way. It all depends on how you like to work and how big the work is, how fast it must be done, ...

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