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where is the print boarder



Somehow my drawing text and lines are so out of scale with the plotting area, I can't see the plotting area gray edge. If I hit the fit to window button at the bottom of the screen the drawing disappears. If I hit the fit to objects the boarder dissappears. How do I get them back together so I can print?


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When you set the view to the page boundary, look at the coordinates

Then switch to "fit to objects" and look at the coordinates again.

You'll probably notice the drawing is not aligned with the coordinates of the page boundary location.

There are a few things here:

1. Change the origin to the center of your drawing objects. Then, double click on the move page tool to align the center of the print boundary border with the new origin

2. Use the Move Page tool to reposition the page boundary closer to the objects.

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My print boarder and objects were so far away from each other. I noticed the coordingates and just pushed the print boarder to the edge of the screen and held it there several min. untl I was in range horigontally. Then I did it again vertically.

Thanks for your idea I will try to save it for next time

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