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Estimating with Worksheets

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Do any users of VW use the worksheets feature to produce estimates? Do you use any other program to help assist VW with the estimating? I have started dabbling into this area of VW and it looks promising, but for value, is it best to purchase a 3rd party program or go ahead and invest the effort to create a program tailored to our needs? Thanks.


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With no small effort I have learned how to create useful worksheets. They are tailored to the way I build homes, a feature 3rd party software can't match. I started with the worksheets provided with Vector Works and experimented from there thinking through the process in the same way I would a hand drawn plan. Now I have saved in my drawing template these worksheets which can still be modified as needed.

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I have created and attached some records, I know how to create a report. Now I would like to extract data into a separate worksheet for calculating purposes. I tried the syntax mentioned on Pg 15-15 of VW manual with no success. Error message of "Invalid Factor" appears. I can't figure out the proper path name needed between the two worksheets. Any help appreciated. At some time I will be wanting to import/export between a VW database & an Excel spreadsheet. Any info on that procedure will also be appreciated. Thanks.

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