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Gray Layer and Class Print Options?


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We received feedback that, when printing grayed classes / layers, the gray color was either too heavy or too light.

In VW 2008, you can use a slider to adjust how light or dark the grayed classes / layers print.

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I Thank Nemetschek greatly for adding this one small feature. I am one of the people who has been requesting this for as long as I can remember.

Now finally, the greyed layer or class can actually be used for what I assume has been its intention all along, to not only display on screen as grey, but to be printed as grey at a useable level in the output for anyone, on any printer.

This one feature alone might be strong enough reason for the 2008 upgrade!

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It's a print setting - so any grayed layers or classes will all print at the same grayed layer.

If you want to set a gray color on a layer by layer basis, use layer colors or viewports with layer overrides. If you want to set a gray color on a class by class basis, use class attributes, or adjust class opacity levels.

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