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Landmark 2008 any core improvements ?

Viper x

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The plant tool not only has a larger variety of plant definitions to choose from, but the plant components can be classed, making it simple to quickly generate construction and presentation sheets from the same planting plan - all you do is turn the different classes off an on.

For example, you can have a simple circle along with the details of the plant symbol and different colors or fills individually classed within the plant symbol definition. Switching between a construction plan and presentation or detailed plan is as easy as turning a class on or off.

Likewise, by classing the different parts, you have more control over opacity of fills, for example with Tree definitions.

In addition, you can select any network of objects in the drawing and immediately create a plant symbol from the network of objects. Not to mention, you can leave the network of objects where they are in the drawing and VW will convert that geometry to a plant symbol and definition.

When editing a plant symbol by right-clicking on the plant, you can jump right to the 3D symbol definition, 3D symbol definition, or plant info.

The plant database has been streamlined for an easier-to-use interface, and integrated with FileMaker. The database can also be kept centrally on a server for synchronized use of the same database - it no longer needs to be managed on the local computer.

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I actually found that the changes made to the DTM in v12 made it quite a lot easier to use than in v11.

However, in another case of one step forward two steps back, we lost the ability to select the specific layers that will modify the proposed DTM.

In v11 we had the choice of "All Modifiers in this Document" and "Use Only Modifiers on Layer(s)" and were able to chose the layers from a list.

In v12 we have the choice of "All Layers" and "Same Layer as Site Model Only". I find that this is very restrictive.

If I have modifiers for a road, parking area, building site, retaining wall, etc. on different layers and want to see how various combinations of these or different arrangements of these modifiers affect the site model, I cannot.

Am I missing something?

Anyone else feel this way?

Has this been addressed in v13-2008?

If not, I will make it a wish.

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But is the place plant tool stable ? The tool has been clumsy in the past but I can live with that the real problem has always been how unstable it is.

Extra plants and a few other bells and whistles are neither here nor there, "IS IT STABLE ?"

In the past everytime I start a new drawing and I have to click on the "setup" the plant tool tab I shudder, look the other way and shut my eyes ! You actually see the drawing/software flicker,shudder and hang until it eventually locks it again ! Not reassuring stuff let me tell you.


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Mark, your assertion is a bit misleading. Landmark does get attention and there were quite a few improvements to Landmark specific capabilities in VW 2008. eg. improved plant tool, standalone plant database, Georeferencing and additional Xfrog libraries.

Be mindful that the general improvements to VectorWorks are also part of Landmark 2008 - eg. Design Layer Viewports, unlimited colours, 2D plan rotation, improved library management, etc.

Make your own judgement Viper X. Have a look at the Online movies: http://www.nemetschek.net/training/library.php

and this Tech Tip movie: http://kbase.nemetschek.net/index.php?ToDo=view&questId=161&catId=29

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Hi Mike,

The movies, the "sell" has always been sweet in every release but the proof is in the pudding and past experience has shown that landmark, whilst a good tool, is in essence fragile in its delivery.

I don't want to hear it offers a 100 new colours I want to see it stable and reliable, getting a drawing out when the client needs it, is far more important than "another shade of grey"

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Viper x from your signature your comments are based on experience with VW 11.5. The plant tool was improved in VW 12 and further improved in VW 2008. If there were problems with the stability of the plant tool in VW 2008 there would be a significant number of posts about it in this forum.

Why not get the demo version and see for yourself.

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I moved from 11.x to 2008 and find 2008 far more stable than 11/11.5 - and 2008 is being used more than I used 11.x so it is having a tougher workout and standing up to it better. I've been using 2008 for about 5 months and I can recall only one crash that I could put down to the application. Some times it comes up with 'not responding' but that because its doing a lot of work at the time - ie massing plants. It always comes back in the end and you need to learn to trust the application that it will do it rather than hit the kill switch.

The plant tool and database (not that I use the database) are far better than it was in 11.x and DTM's are totally stable, both areas where I felt 11.x struggled.

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sent the following information to :

tech@nemetschek.net approx. 10 days ago.

Here are some observations/suggestions.

Subject: "Tag Type".

1.In VW 2008."custom tag" must be entered for each plant. In VW 12.5 once you made a "custom tag", it saved itself for that drawing or until it was changed.

2.If a "custom tag" is made for a plant........ that tag disappears and has to be reentered if you edit that plant later.

3. Suggest adding these default tags to tag list.1) Qty-common name-latin name 2)Qty-common name-scheduled size.

Subject:" Plant List"

1.In VW 2008 Latin(Botanical name) does not appear as it did in VW 12.5.( a zero appears)

Subject: Get Plant Data

User should be able to select which plant list he/she wants as their preference. Current situation makes user select and wait for plant list to load each time you search a plant.

Best regards

Keith Dixon



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In my student version of Landmark (Designer), with the SP3 update I get an error 'Menu item not authorised for use in this application'. Is this cos its the student version and the full version will work? I have been learning using a 12.5 student version in college and have no problems with it in that version. Is this a bug in 2008. Haven't seen any other posts about it, except one chap using a student version too.

Have contacted support, who told me to add the SP3 update but this had made no difference.

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