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Scan a drawing into CAD

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It's not something that can be done by pressing a button. Someone has to read the paper drawing and create a drawing in a CAD file based on what they see. It's quicker than designing the building from scratch, but it does take time.

If they have a large enough scanner (which gets very expensive above legal size) they can create a bitmap image file to use as a background for the CAD file, which mostly just makes viewing the drawing easier.

If they also have vectorization software, that can do some of the work of creating vector graphics from the scanned bitmap image. The last time I looked into that, any affordable software was not much help (including the Trace Bitmap command built into Vectorworks).

Sketchup has a training video on how to turn a photo of a building into a rough 3D model of it, surprisingly quickly.

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there are many services who can do this for you including technoprint here in australia.

Depending on purpose.

I'd personnelly go with the scan to a pdf (which agian you can get done by a service such as the one listed) then bring in (or reference in VW2008) to the file and do the tracing yourself.

You can also bring the pdf in a mark over in colour for as built drawings that we often require from builders.

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