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Drawing a Spanset in 2d and 3d


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Hello everyone.

I am attempting to draw a rigging sling (spanset) wrapped around the chords of a lighting truss. I am trying to create about 24 different versions of how to wrap and not wrap truss properly as the basis for a small class I am teaching. I want to draw my own versions instead of using someone else's, for copyright issues.

I have tried various tools, both 2d and 3d but have not been able to achieve that "look" a spanset has, since it is fabric, and getting a line to look "wrapped" around another object is proving to be difficult.

If I only manage to do this in 2d I will be happy. If I get it done in 3d that would be an extra bonus.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Here's a wild thought too...a VW tool that let's you create a spanset wrapped around a truss with options for length of sling, number of wraps per chord, sling angle, etc, etc.

That would be a very industry specific tool yes, but still cool.

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Here's a screenshot of a simple sling made exactly how "Cris with no H" suggested.  I created a helix spiral for the wrap, arc for the end of the sling where the shackle would be, some lines, duplicated some 3d loci along path, traced them with a NURBS curved, and used that NURBS curve for the path object for an extrude along path. 


Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 3.42.37 PM.png

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