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Fundamentals 2008 vs. Architect 2008 Features

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I am a bit confused as to the features included with the base VectorWorks 2008 Fundamentals package as described in the Fundamentals/"New in 2008" pages on the website. Comparing the New in Fundamentals pages head to head with the "VectorWorks 2008 Feature Matrix" yields many descrepancies.

There are many features shown in the matrix to come only with Architect and not with Fundamentals that are described in the Fundamentals new features list. The ones I am curious about are as follows:

Save Stacked Layer View

IFC Import/Export

New Support for Bookmarks in PDFs

Refined Create Spaces from Walls Command

Space Object Improvments

Herman Miller Furniture Collection

New Furnishings and Scenic Elements Library

New Sub Zero and Wolf Appliance Libraries

Updated Forbo Flooring Materials

New Wood Texture and Image Fills from arcitex

Are these really new features to Fundamentals 2008 or do they only come with Architect as the Matrix implies? One of these two documents must be wrong.

Also, Improved Library Managment is shown in the Matrix to come with Fundamentals, but there is no description of it in the New Features list.

A little clarification please Nemetschek.

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It appears that someone has corrected the Usabilty section of the Fundamentals New Features list, but there are still descrepancies on the on the Objects section of the PDF, and there are a few other items listed or not listed incorrectly on either the Martix or the New Features Lists.

I realize it is only one day after the product release, so I guess I will just wait a few weeks before I print out any more literature on the new features, and let the documentation get cleared up.

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