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font problem with COUNTRYBLUEPRINT font


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i had a PC and now i am a mac person. just transfered VW 12.5.2 to my mac. brought over the fonts i like and they all work fine except for COUNTRYBLUEPRINT. if it already in a drawing it comes up fine but when i copy, edit or type new all i get is rectangles instead of the correct font. help me please

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It looks like Country Blueprint is not supported on the Mac when using Quartz. I have it installed on my Mac also. If I have VectorWorks set to not use Quartz (in the Display pane of VW prefs), I can create text in Country Blueprint, and when editing the text, all I see is rects, but after I exit the edit box, the text displays correctly. When the text is being edited, the Mac OS draws the text, and it always uses Quartz.

I tried drawing text in the Macintosh application TextEdit with CountryBlueprint. It does better than VectorWorks, in that it doesn't display all rects, but it doesn't draw the text in CountryBlueprint. It seems to draw it in LucindaGrande. I believe if it can't draw text in the selected font, it will draw it in another font.

So you could try to find a version of the Country Blueprint font that works with Quartz on the Mac, or you may need to use a different font.

Bruce Ferguson


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