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emailing files to consultants

Kurt Magness

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Is there a easy way to strip uneccessary info out of a vwks 12 file for consultants. Like my structural engineer only needs 2d plans/ sections, etc. Since all my plans, live sections, elevations, etc are viewports of a 3d model on sheet layers, they do not translate well back to previous versions of vwks. Also the file is enormous and does not email well because of scanned backgrounds, textures, 3d symbols , etc I used for early presentations. He only needs 2d information. Is there a way to convert viewports with their annotations to 2d, like copy to lines ?

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How's my beloved Santa Barbara this summer ... ah .. the memories ... sweet memories ...really great times at UCSB ... The Ranch ... Channel Islands ... Montecito ...

you know what they say , "When you die you don't go to heaven ... you go to Santa Barbara "

Easiest > Print2PDF then upload to FTP server. Or export to JPG then upload to FTP server.

Fast and efficient ... that's what we do.

or do the DWG conversion & compression dance and then upload to FTP.

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Yeah I do the pdf export. It works good if you do not want to stay in vectorworks. Dwg export seems to loose so much formatting, fonts etc. I use the free service yousendit.com for those over 10mb files. I love the new BIM format of vwks, viewports, live sections, etc. but its a real bummer when all you want is 2d info. My engineer wants to manipulate the framing plans without having all that 3d stuff, classes, etc. I will try the convert a copy to group but loosing the annotations is not good. Oh and Islandmon, ahh the USVI, , white sand, tropical breezes, trips to the BVI, local brewed rum on Tortola, winding up & down the steepest streets I've ever been on. I spent some time in you neck of the woods too, Got married with my feet in the water at Megans Bay, honeymooned at the Bitter End Yacht Club. You need a draftsman ? Maybe we can JV some projects.

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