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VW 2008 - Import Drawing Structure

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Import drawing structure came about from requests here on the message board.

A number of people asked if they could import a class or layer structure from another file into a current project. The same came up with viewports and sheet layers.

Another question came up not too long about with respect to file synchronization.

The import drawing structure mechanism allows you to import classes, layers, sheet layers, or viewports from any other document. You then have the option to import just the organizational piece, or the organizational piece AND the objects within that organization piece (Objects in the class, objs on the layer, etc)

If you have saved views in the current document, you can also define whether the classes or layers are visible, invisible, or grayed in saved views and viewports.

When importing layers from another file, you have the option to bring up the layer editing dialog once the layers are imported for immediate changes to scale, z, delta z, layer colors, etc.

The advantage here is you can import organizational components from an existing file, without the use of templates, and even objects within those organizational components.

The way I've used this in work I've been doing is to synchronize the class attributes of a current project to that of another project. Templates work well when starting a project, but say half way through the project the organizational structure or class attributes need to be changed. You can now quickly pull this info from another file and get back to designing.

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I have just received a demonstration copy of VW 2008 (Architect) and am interested in checking out the 'Import Drawing Structure' mechanism.

I can't find it in any of the menus/ tools and also can't find it in help. Can anyone tell me how to access this function?


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Go to the Organization dialog

Create a new layer/class/viewport, etc.

In the "New" dialog, there's an option to create a new one, or choose one from a file, by using the Choose button.

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If you paste-in-place the corresponding geometry from the same file, then the viewports would show the same thing they showed in that file, wouldn't they? I've done that in another CAD program. It's handy for cases where an older project has a lot of the same details you need for the new one.

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Thanks Katie.

I tried this out and have a couple of further questions.

I can successfully import classes and layers from other files but cannot see how to import sheet layer viewports. I would like to be able to do this so I can set up a standard viewport with standard visibilities/ class overrides etc for the whole office to use.

I can import a sheet layer and assume that this would bring along a viewport if it had one on it (I can't save with the trial version so can't try this), but cannot seem to directly import a sheet layer viewport.

On the same topic I tried using the eyedropper tool to match the attributes of two sheet layer viewports. I set the tool to copy class visibility and class overrides. I've trialled it a few times and it does not do anything at all to the second viewport.

Any ideas?


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