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3DS Exporting Questions


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I've been exporting my drawing as a .3ds file (or at least a layer in my drawing as a .3ds file) and i've been having some difficulty getting the file to come out the way i'd like. For reference, I am using this files in Cheetah3D. Here are some questions. I have a few questions:

1.) Glass Textures. I cannot get the glass texture to come out correctly. If I export the textures as image files, most of the textures show up correctly, but the glass renders opaque. If I export the textures, but not as image files, the glass shows up transparent but the rest of the textures don't show up correctly.

2.) Extra Textures. I am getting a lot of extraneous grey and blue textures during the exports. No idea why that is happening. They are often applied to objects that do not have that type of texture to begin with

3.) Scaling. I cannot figure out the scaling export. Maybe it is just Cheetah 3D, but I cannot get the model to export at a 1:1 scale. it always appears quite small.

4.) Layers. Does anyone have a good way of exporting a bunch of layers to a .3ds file? A layer link? Of course there are obvious work-arounds, but I didn't know if there was a better method than the one I am currently using.

5.) Camera Views. My camera views are not exporting, or at least I cannot find them.

6.) Lights. It also appears that my lights are not exporting.

For reference I am on a Macbook Pro, 2.33 C2D, 3 GB RAM, OS 10.4.10, VW 12.5.2 (71041)

Any thoughts?

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Camera and light objects don't export - only the 3D model components export.

You may want to organize the parts of the model using classes rather than layers. They will export more fittingly. I'm not familiar with how Cheetah works, though.

The scale issue sounds like an import setting in Cheetah, along with the image/texture issue.

As for the extra textures, are you sure you don't have other objects in the drawing with these textures being exported?

Do the mysterious textures come in if you import the 3DS file back into VW using a new, blank document? If not, the problem is likely outside of VW.

Beyond that, I encourage you to send this specific issue, VW file and 3DS file to tech@nemetschek.net

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The reason I brought the light and camera issues up was because there are two options in the export 3ds file window: "Export Lights" and "Export Current View as Camera".

My model is a building so it's easier to have the different floors remain on different layers. I can certainly move things onto one layer (or create a layer link, which i'm finding has mixed success) for the purposes of exporting the file, I was just wondering if there were a simpler answer.

The problem with textures is that some of them come out correctly, but some don't. Some of the many grey textures might actually have a happy home, but some of them are applied to things they shouldn't be applied to. I found this out by systematically deleting textures one by one to see the effects. sometimes these textures would be applied to white walls. when i export the textures, but not as images, some, but not all of the exterior walls become dark blue. It seems to be somewhat random.

I did reimport the .3ds file, however, and there doesn't seem to be a texture issue, so i will assume it is a Cheetah 3D problem.

I will investigate the 3ds program further.


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it seems like the camera view can be imported to a certain extent, but not the lights.

this is a house i am doing. when i exported a dxf and tried to pull that into the program, the program didn't seem to like it very much and wouldn't open it. the .3ds file is close so that was why i was trying to work with it.

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