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Vectorworks 2008 - bad luck?

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Hey, shouldn't the next version be called Vectorworks v13?

Surely the folks at NNA aren't superstitious. Surely not!?

And what's the next version going to be - v14 or Vectorworks2009 - or maybe Vectorworks XP?

What's suddenly become wrong with consistency in version numbering?

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We were discussing 'v2008' at the pub last night and someone suggested this was probably the reason. It seems rather obvious now that it's been mentioned. And really disappointing, even though we've been through The Enlightenment, that we still live in a world where so many people are enslaved by magic, illusion and the supernatural, and afflicted by triskaidekaphobia.

Well I, for one, will be referring to it as v13; sorry if that brings the wrath of 13 unto all. It's of some comfort to me that it's actually being released on the 13th. What a pity it's not a Friday. :)

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Right-o. Christiaan has been off my "ignore list" just for a few days (by referral & allowed by my famous magnanimousness) and almost immediately I read this truly funny message!

Not to mention the fascinating educational piece about triskaidekaphobia. (Memo to myself: buy a bronze brush and brush up your Greek.)

Goodonya, mate!

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The internal version number will remain a digit, such as 13.0.0, but the preface "version" will be 2008.

How fascinatingly confusing! Now, as a MiniCAD user since version 3.15 (AD 1987, I think - I still have the diskettes somewhere), am I internal, external or preface level?

And, pray tell, what does "digit" mean here? A finger? Which one? How?

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It's of some comfort to me that it's actually being released on the 13th. What a pity it's not a Friday. :)

Maybe we could wait until June 2008 before buying it - the next time there's a Friday 13 - after walking under a ladder and having a black cat cross our paths of course!

Although by that time the 'internal version number' will probably be about 13.5. I don't think 13.5 has quite the same effect.

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