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Where has the Align Layers option gone


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I am running 12.5.2 Fundamentals, Spotlight Renderworks on an iMac. In Spotlight workspace under view I have the Align Layers Views option, which I use.

I have created a new workspace for Auto Plot, in View menu I no longer have the option to Align layers, there is layer link and layer stack. In the workspace editor I cannot find the Align Layer option there are layer link and stack layer options but not align. I use the align when I change my standard view to check things. I am not familiar with link and stack layer options. Although I find the link frustrating as it limits what can be switched on and off at whim. Why is the Align layer views available in one workspace but not the other and why can I not add it into any workspace that I edit?

Thank you in advance for any advice, clarification and support.

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I don't know the answer to why Align Layer Views isn't in Fundimentals.....

I used to use it all the time until I found Stack Layers, which is not normally in Spotlight.

It does the same thing that Align Layer Views does, but faster and with a couple of differences:

1. It doesn't leave all the non active layers stranded in a side view when you put the active layer back to plan.

2. When Stack Layers is on, some tools are disabled.


Michael K

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In my 12.5.2 I do have Align Layer Views available in the Workspace editor. You might want to check again.

In the left hand column select the All Menus section and scroll down. It is arranged alphabetically. Align Layer Views is there.

I do have Designer, so it is possible that it is not in Fundamentals, but If you have it in Spotlight, (is this the same install of VW?) then you should be able to add it to any other workspace you create or modify.


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The strange thing is when I am in the standard Spotlight workspace Align Layers is an Option under the view tab but it is not listed anywhere including in the View tab when you are in Edit Workspaces. When I am in my new workspace created to run Autoplot then it is not listed under view and still does not appear in edit workspaces. So maybe it is not user editable? I am thinking I may need to learn how to use Stack layers.

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