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Modeling help needed

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Hi All.

I'm trying to create a walkway through a garden that not only moves from left to right and back to left (like a 'C') but also starts at ground level, rises up in the middle before sloping back down to the ground at the end. Being a walkway the surface needs to be horizontal with the ground. Hope i've explained the shape.

To make do I have 'extruded up' the plan view shape and then rotated it along its length. This obviously doesn't sort out the problem of the walkway surface being horizontal with the floor.

I don't like making do and would like to know the correct way to achive this shape.

Can anyone help and either tell me how to achieve this or point me in the direction of a tutorial.


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If you start with a Polyline shape of the path in plan view and convert it to a 3D poly you can then move some of the verticies up in the Z direction to make a rise in the path.

Come to think of it, converting to a 3D poly might make a Bazillion verticies if your path is curved.

Converting to NURBS should produce a shape that can be edited in 3D fairly easily.


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